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I first approached Julie before Christmas as I felt the need for some support with setting up a new business. At the time I was feeling very lethargic 
and somewhat low in mood, not being able to see a way of moving forward with my ideas. 
I chose to see Julie as firstly, friends had recommended hypnotherapy as a form of therapy that had worked for them, and secondly, because Julie 
stood out in the local area as a therapist with a good presence and reputation. 
From the outset I felt comfortable with Julie, and able to share with her my thoughts, feelings and fears. With her help I soon made progress, and 
started to see a way out of the slump that I had fallen into. Her professionalism combined with an appropriate sense of humour has made it easy for 
me to open up to her, and I trust her completely when it comes to confidentiality. 
I continue to see her now, and continue to make progress. As a result I have not hesitated to recommend her to people when appropriate. Julie is a 
very good hypnotherapist who provides a safe environment for vulnerable people, as well as an excellent platform from which people can resolve 
their issues. 
I have struggled with anxiety issues and with managing my stress levels for as long as I can remember. I first contacted Julie when I finally accepted 
that I needed professional help in order to learn to balance the demands of a highly pressured job as well as being a mum and wife. 
The Hypnotherapy Julie offers is solution focused, so it seemed like something that might help me. 
I did have some reservations to begin with, especially when Julie explained that the hypnotherapy would help me to relax. Relaxing is something 
which I have never been very good at! However, Julie's professional, yet relaxed and friendly approach soon had me at my ease. 
The changes in my life were very gradual, but after several weeks, I began to feel better than I had in a long time. Although I no longer need my 
weekly 'Julie fix', I continue to go and see her around every six weeks, as this helps me to remember the strategies I have learned to deal with my 
anxieties. The hypnosis definitely recharges my batteries! 
Julie has truly changed my life for the better and I would highly recommend her as a hypnotherapist. 
For the last fifteen years or so, I had been suffering from anxiety attacks which had been progressively worsening and were beginning to affect not 
only my family life but increasingly my working life to the extent that I was trapped in a mundane job and unable to progress in my career. 
I had tried several ways to overcome anxiety, including antidepressants, counselling and mindfulness, all of which helped a little but did not have a 
lasting effect, and having researched hypnotherapy thought that it might be for me. I didn't really have any reservations about contacting Julie 
as I wanted to get better and it was my choice. 
I was concerned that once I was hypnotised I would have no control over what was happening to me but I needn't have worried as I was aware 
of my surroundings even when I was under trance. 
At our very first meeting I found Julie to be friendly and approachable and it was easy explaining my problems to her. Moreover, she explained the 
process thoroughly and made me feel that my anxiety was not the huge burden I had thought it was, but that it could be dealt with relatively easily. 
My perspective on life has completely changed. My confidence has grown enormously and I feel totally different from the person I was when I first 
went to see Julie only a few weeks ago - even my family have noticed a difference. 
My advice if you're thinking of contacting Julie is, don't hesitate, Just Do it! It may sound like a cliché but it really will change your life - 
After going through a period of time at work where many things were getting on top of me, and I had to have a week off sick due to a stress related 
illness and three weeks of minimal sleep, it was mentioned to me by my sister-in-law to try hypnotherapy. 
At the time I was really struggling and as I feel I am the type of person who generally doesn't suffer with stress, I badly needed some serious help as 
numerous visits to my GP had little or no effect. So I contacted Julie and arranged an appointment. 
I was a little nervous at first as I had never considered this sort of thing before, but Julie soon reassured me that she could help me and helped me 
to understand how my own mind worked and explained how she could help me to retrain my mind to be able to deal with the stressful and 
problematic situations I found myself in. 
At the start of my meetings with Julie my main concern was would I be able to experience trance? But I soon found that being placed in trance was 
very straight forward and possibly the most relaxing time I have ever known. But I never actually fell asleep, but I must have been close on most 
occasions! It felt fantastic! I am extremely grateful to Julie for what she has done for my confidence and I now feel that I could tackle any situation in 
a confident and positive manner to achieve my desired results! 
It is a great feeling to know that Julie is there should I need to see her for any help, but I genuinely feel that I probably won't need her further 
assistance as she has given me so much confidence and all the tools I now need to handle any situation. 
I would recommend Julie and hypnotherapy to anyone, it has been fantastic for me in a very short time and who knows where I would be now 
without it! 
As you pass through life, you meet people who change you. forever; people who alter who you are; people who challenge you to be the best person 
that you can be. Julie is one of those special people in my life. She is kind, wise, understands and really listens. 
About two years ago now, I was struggling with my weight, generally unhappy and stressed, and felt pretty lost. I really didn't know what to do to 
change who I was, or make the changes I needed to make to be happy. I had little will power with the weight loss, and struggled through each day 
and each week. I was taking anti-depressants. I had and have three young children, a high pressure, very responsible job and had ( but no longer 
have!) a husband who was having an affair. Life was tough. 
One Saturday, when I was feeling very low, a flyer came through my door advertising Julie. I think that things often happen for a reason and, 
reading the information, I made an appointment to see Julie. Picking up the phone, making the call and going for the first appointment was scary. 
But, Julie immediately put me at my ease and explained how hypno-therapy works. I remember Julie saying that I needed to deal with my stress 
first and then the weight loss. One of the first things that she did was ask me to grade myself between 1 and 10 on a continuum, to show how I was 
feeling. I was honestly shocked to find I wasn't even feeling a 2! She asked me what I could change to get to a 3, then a 4 and then a 10. I had 
to imagine what things would be like if I were a 10! And this is a fundamental part of Julie's approach - positive, solution focused therapy. The 
power is in that the solutions come from within you. This gives you confidence and motivation - you have the answers and therefore the power to 
change. You have hope, and the self-belief to make the changes you want and need to make. For me, this was like flicking a switch. I felt so much 
better, even after the first session. I believed I could feel better - and I did! 
The hypno-therapy part of the session was so beautiful, calming and tranquil. I felt my "stress bucket" empty. Another positive was and is, the 
"home-work". Julie gives you a CD to play at home as you go to sleep at night. I do this most days - even now, and it is powerful. This 
"session" keeps you feeling good, and positive all of the time. Again, you are in control as you can choose how often you play the CD. But the 
more you use the relaxation CD, the better you feel. 
Then Julie tackled my weight with the hypno-band approach. Again, this is great. I have gone from a size 16 to a size 12. And I am just not hungry. I 
eat now when I am hungry and not for comfort or habit. The weight loss has given me confidence in myself. 
Following my eventual marriage break-down, my eldest child started having violent outbreaks. I again approached Julie. She has worked with my 
child, and the hypno-therapy has transformed him. He is relaxed and happy. But, there is more to Julie than this! The last time my child had a 
"rage", Julie phoned me. She was worried about me. I don't know why she did but, the call stopped the rage and there has not been one 
since. It was the final step in my child's healing - knowing that Julie cared and was there. 
So, thank-you Julie. You are remarkable. I recommended Julie to anyone needing help as I believe in her and the hypno-therapy approach. It is like 
magic - only magic without a trick, which gives you control of your life back. I think everyone needs a Julie in their life!! 
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