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Do You Need Help With Stress? 

Stress or Anxiety can be a common complaint in today's society and most peopel encounter it at some point. A certain amount of stress can be dealt with naturally, as long as it stays within 'safe levels'. 
When it becomes too much for us to cope with it can affect our quality of life. Excessive or prolonged stress can lead to illness, physical and emotional exhaustion, increased anxiety or even panic attacks. When we come under excessive pressure from our home, work or social factors, we tend to respond with either anxiety, anger or depression or a combination of these three. 
What causes stress? 
There is no doubt that some situations are more stressful than others, however it is interesting to note that stress is not necessarily caused by events in life but the way we process our thoughts surrounding those events, and indeed the way we think can create stress. 
Every negative thought we have and every negative action is converted to stress. 
Imagine we all have a stress bucket in our mind, as the stress bucket fills we go from our intellectual rational mind to the primitive emotional mind, when we operate from the primitive part of our mind our only options are anxiety, depression and anger or a combination of those three. These are all primitive safety mechanisms. 
If our stress bucket is not too full and the level of stress is manageable then we will usually empty the stress bucket during our sleep, if we do not get enough sleep or have too much in our stress bucket this is when we get stuck in a negative vicious cycle and suffer... 
Hypnotherapy can help 
Although not the same as sleep hypnosis mimicks the REM part of your sleep which helps to empty the stress bucket. The psycotherapy part of hypnotherapy will help to manage the way we cope with our thoughts and situations. 
In the first instance you are invited to an initial consultation which is free of charge. Here we will discuss in detail your goals, your expectations from hypnotherapy. 
I will explain to you how the mind works, why you have found it so difficult in the past and how we are going to change that to enable you to take control. 
During this process you will learn self hypnosis so you will have these skills for life. 
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