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  Solution Based Hypnotherapy 

I use mainly solution-based Hypnotherapy for treatment of the following problems and more, if there is anything you need help with that you do to see here, please call me, I am happy to chat to see how I can help. 

 Hypnotherapy can effectively help:   


Do You Need Help with Stress? 
Stress or Anxiety can be a common complaint in today's society and most people encounter it at some point. A certain amount of stress can be dealt with naturally, as long as it stays within 'safe levels'. 
When it becomes too much for us to cope with it can affect our quality of life. Excessive or prolonged stress can lead to illness, physical and emotional exhaustion, increased anxiety or even panic attacks. When we come under excessive pressure from our home, work or social factors, we tend to respond with either anxiety, anger or depression or any combination of these three. 
What Causes Stress? 
There is no doubt that some situations are more stressful than others, however it is interesting to note that stress is not necessarily caused by events in life but the way we process our thoughts surrounding those events, the way we think can create stress. 
Every negative thought we have, every negative action is converted to stress. 
Imagine we all have a stress bucket in our mind, if our stress bucket is not too full and the level of stress is manageable then we will usually empty the stress bucket during our sleep at night, this is our natural method of dealing with stress and we will wake up with an empty stress bucket, feeling refreshed. 
However, if we do not get enough sleep or have too much in our stress bucket for our regular sleep to cope with then the bucket will overflow and we will suffer with either anxiety, anger or depression or any combination of these three. Do not underestimate the power of sleep, sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture. 
Hypnotherapy can help 
Although not the same as sleep, hypnosis mimics the REM part of your sleep which helps to empty the stress bucket. The psychotherapy part of hypno-therapy will help to manage or change the way we cope with our thoughts and situations. 
In the first instance you are invited to a free initial consultation, here we will discuss in detail your needs, your goals and your expectations from hypnotherapy. 
I will explain to you how the mind works, why you have found it so difficult in the past and how we are going to change that to enable you to take control. 
Appointments are available at the locations below: 
46a Fore Street, Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbot, TQ13 9AH 
36 Fore Street, Buckfastleigh, TQ11 0AA 
Online appointments are available if appropriate 


Depression is perhaps the most common psychological disorder today – a significant factor in the breakup of relationships, career problems and lack of motivation. Often when it occurs the individual will turn in on themselves and refuse to engage with others. 
Severity can range from being almost totally dysfunctional to having some of the symptoms associated with the illness . . . 
Depressed mood and sometimes fearfulness 
Loss of energy and or appetite 
Loss of pleasure or interest in usual activities 
Difficulties in thinking, concentration, etc. 
Sleep disturbance 
Weight loss/ weight gain 
Hypnotherapy can be the answer 
The symptoms of depression can be treated, specifically – insomnia, eating disorders, low mood, lack of concentration are examples. Often depression is exacerbated or even caused by substance abuse – alcohol, drugs or cigarette smoking. 
With appropriate hypnotherapy the symptoms of depression can be alleviated and often eradicated. It has a dramatically lower rate of relapse than with anti-depressants alone and is now considered one of the most effective treatments, even in severe cases, enabling the client to focus on solving problems and engaging fully in life again. 

  Fears & Phobias 

Fears and phobias can be extremely debilitating and restricting in many areas of life. Using hypnotherapy, phobias can be resolved within three to five sessions. 
The process enables the person to disassociate from the fear/phobia, using specific techniques that enable the emotion to be taken out of the experience. More realistic patterns of thought are then developed helping the individual’s subconscious become indifferent to the object of fear so that they will be less affected in the future. 

  Quit Smoking 

You can Stop Smoking permanently in just 1½ hours with no cravings or side effects 
Call Julie on 07971 074042 
It is quite possibly the best gift you will ever give yourself. 
I know it was for me! 
Let me help you, help yourself to Stop Smoking 
The physical addiction to cigarettes is less than 10% the rest is in the mind, which can be re-educated using hypnosis. 
I will explain how your subconscious has created such a dangerous habit and remind you of the dangers to the mind and body of smoking, and how hypnosis can help you STOP SMOKING forever. 
So long as you have a genuine desire to STOP SMOKING you will leave the session a non-smoker for good with no cravings or unpleasant side effects. 
As an added bonus many people find there are benefits, other than those listed such as confidence improves self-esteem improves there is often an overall sense of achievement and empowerment. Life simply gets better. 
Benefits of Stopping Smoking 
You reduce your risk of getting serious disease no matter what age you Stop Smoking 
Breathing Improves 
Chest Infections and colds reduce 
Reduction in "Smokers Cough" 
Smell of stale tobacco on clothes, hair, breath and face goes. 
Food and drink tastes and smell much better 
Finances improve immediately 
Complexion and circulation 
You look healthier and feel better about yourself 
Physical activity is easier 
For a 20 a day smoker you will save in the region of £3,500.00 per year 
No matter how difficult you have found it in the past whether you smoke 5 or 50 a day makes no difference to how easily you can stop with Hypnotherapy 

 Self Confidence 

If you lack either confidence or motivation the likely cause is a degree of underlying stress, anxiety or depression. When we lack confidence in our abilities we often have a negative view of ourselves, the future or we negatively think about the past. 
With solution-focused hypnotherapy, anxiety can be reduced, unwanted behaviour patterns eliminated, and subconscious processes developed to be more confident, optimistic and motivated. 
This is part of the successful treatment of problems areas such as, but not limited to, public speaking, interviews and exams, relationships in both the work environment and on a personal level. 

  Weight Control 

Stop Dieting and Lose Weight 
Free Initial Consultation - Call Julie today 07971 074042 
Most of us overeat due to emotional or habitual reasons - we eat to satisfy our minds rather than because we are physically hungry. It may be that you eat when you are bored or stressed, or maybe you consider you eat healthily but you eat too much - there is a reason why you do so. 

 Losing Weight is quite Simple.. 

Losing weight is quite simple you need to eat less and increase your activity levels. That is nothing new and it is a fact, if you consume more calories than you expend then you will gain weight. 
So lets ask these questions... 
Do you really want to lose weight? 
Do you know how to lose weight? 
Why do you find it so difficult? 
You have been creating eating habits and patterns that have now become subconscious that means you do this without consciously thinking about it. 
When your behaviour is subconscious then it is extremely difficult to change it consciously, that could be one of the reasons you find it so difficult. 

 How can hypnotherapy help? 

Hypnotherapy enables direct access to the subconscious part of the mind, enabling you to take control and change old destructive eating habits and create a new healthy and positive relationship with food permanently. 
There are 5 key steps to losing weight and keeping it off permanently. 
1. Honesty 
2. Set realistic goals 
3. Prepare your subconscious mind to take control 
4. Food 
5. Activity 
In the first instance you are invited to an initial consultation which is free of charge. Here we will discuss in detail your goals, your expectations from hypnotherapy. 
I will explain to you how the mind works, why you have found it so difficult in the past and how we are going to change that to enable you to take control of your eating habits. 
Your weight loss plan will be tailored to you individually, dependent upon your needs and personality. We are all individuals therefore one plan does not fit all. 
Perhaps, most importantly full support from someone who truly understands. 

  Insomnia / Trouble Sleeping 

Sleep is a wonderful thing that we take for granted - that is until we can't sleep! 
Sleep is absolutely essential to your wellbeing, do not underestimate the power of sleep, sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture. 
If Insomnia starts to take over our life, then bedtime can feel daunting. 
Sleep disturbance can be brought on for several reasons. It can be caused by illness, anxiety, depression, and many other causes not so serious. It can have you waking up in the early hours and not being able to get back to sleep, it could be you simply can't get to sleep in the first place or perhaps you simply have a disrupted sleep pattern. Whatever the problem, it causes issues during the day such as tiredness, lack of concentration and it can cause health problems. 
Most adults need between seven and eight hours' sleep each night, although we're all different. Some people find they can manage on just three hours. The amount we need reduces as we age. Older people often find their night's sleep is broken, especially if they've taken a nap during the day. 
Hypnotherapy can enable a gentle change that encourages relaxation just prior to sleep. These changes can have a beneficial effect with some people and allow them to overcome insomnia. Depending on the person, change can be fairly quick or sometimes takes a little longer, it all depends on what issues you have in your life. 
Sometimes insomnia is brought on by stress and when that stress is reduced your mind may have adopted a pattern of disrupted sleep. Hypnotherapy can help correct that negative pattern allowing insomnia to fade into the past! 

  Hypno Band 

What is the HYPNO-BAND weight loss system? 
The HYPNO-BAND System is a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) , Visualisation and Suggestion using Hypnotherapy techniques that helps you to explore, analyse and change your eating habits. Then using the mind / body connection we fit a "virtual gastric band" to your stomach, helping you eat less and less often. 
Am I Suitable for the HYPNO-BAND weight loss system? 
If you are overweight and are committed to losing weight, then you should be suitable. The only exception would be if there is a physiological reason for your weight problems or if you are taking certain medications. Your suitability will be assessed at the initial consultation. 
Will it Work for Me? 
The key to success is YOU! No weight loss system will work unless you are committed to losing weight. You must be prepared to change your eating habits and life-style. If you are totally serious about losing weight then it can certainly work for you. The HYPNO-BAND system provides you with the tools and ability to lose weight and maintain a healthier body. 
Is It Guaranteed? 
Like any medical or therapeutic procedure there can be no definite guarantees. Even a surgeon cannot guarantee that an actual gastric band will work. However, the virtual gastric band has been proven to be effective in aiding significant weight loss. It should be noted that YOU hold the key to losing weight. No system will work if you are not 100% committed. The mind is a very powerful instrument and by using the HYPNO-BAND system you will have the tools and power to change your eating habits.  
The only way to lose significant amounts of weight is to eat less! The HYPNO-BAND system helps you to change behaviour and life-style which in turn provides you with the ability to lose weight and stay that way! 
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