TEL 01626 832203 
* Free Initial Consultation lasting approx 45 mins - 1 hour  
This will help to determine the method of treatment as the treatment offered is client centered, which means the treatment is tailored to you individually - taking in to account your personality and your needs as an individual. 
*except for Anti-smoking which is just one session 
Ongoing sessions - each session costs £60.00  
Session time approx 45 mins - 1 Hour 
The length of treatment might range from about 3-5 sessions for minor phobias to perhaps 8 -10+ sessions for someone who is clinically depressed. Weight Loss on average 6-10 sessions. 
Hypno-Band Weight Loss System £350  
Initial Consultation + 4 Sessions  
Hypnoband also included 4 CD's  
Anti-smoking is just one 90 minute session* cost £130 
*No initial consultation required for anti-smoking 
Cancellation Policy 
We reserve the right to charge for appointments that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. 
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