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Are you tired of the same old thing 
Being "on a diet"... "off a diet"... "wish I could stick to a diet"... "I've got no will power" 
I've heard it all before, day in day out from many, many different people. 
Come and join us for Group Hypnotherapy Weight Reduction, it is less than half the price of 1 - 1 Private Hypnotherapy so is more accessible for more people, some people prefer the group as you may enjoy the social aspect of the group and feel less isolated in your quest for a slimmer you. 
We will have fun, and you will discover new ways to help you become that person you always wanted to be, slimmer, fitter, healthier, more confident, with higher self esteem, the benefits are enormous. You may even make some new friends too. 
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For more information about the group or to book your place please call 01626 832203 as soon as possible. Places are strictly limited and by reservation only.